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Experience Farm Two53

Bringing original 1950s charm and allure of the homestead lifestyle to our guests

Visit Us for a Nostalgic Farm Experience

Step back in time as the spirit of the 1950s blends seamlessly with modern regenerative agriculture at Farm Two53. Nestled in picturesque Alberta countryside, our farm stay has been lovingly restored to its original glory, providing a glimpse of a bygone era while embracing modern permaculture practices. Celebrating the restoration of land, buildings, and traditional homesteading skills, we invite you to slow down, reconnect with nature, and immerse yourself in regenerative farm life.

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What to do here: 

At Farm Two53, we offer an eclectic array of rentals: short-term stays, film and photography spaces for rent, and a super cool prop library filled with all sorts of vintage and antique treasures certain to bring magic to any creative project.  We practice permaculture and are modern-day homesteaders too, so kickin’ it old school is a perfect fit for us.  If you’re nostalgic and have a soft spot for all things vintage, you’ll love our mid-century farm.


Be inspired

Attention creatives, directors, and photographers!

We've discovered that our farm is a pretty cool backdrop for photos, videos, and events, especially in the hands of a creative.  If you're one of those, check it out!

Mid Century Modern Star

Stay with us

Remember the good old days? We have captured them right here. Enjoy the simple beauty of farm life with the charm of mid-century modern design. 

This is a rare and exclusive experience that you won't find anywhere else. 

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Get a tour

Join us for an immersive tour of our regenerative farm and learn about our farming practices. We will take you through our fields and pastures, introduce you to our animals, and answer all your questions about farming and food.

The Farm Stand

coming soon

Stay tuned, we are currently creating our honour system farm fresh food stand. We will stock this with fresh seasonal items from our farm. 


Upcoming Events

coming soon

+ we're social animals

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