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of land, buildings, and traditional homesteading skills

our farm

We're deeply passionate about regeneration—while sustainability is commendable, we understand it's not the endgame. We strive to replenish what's been lost, with our focus extending beyond the present moment to plan for generations to come. We’re all about embracing the richness of biodiversity and prioritizing the understanding and restoration of essential cycles—water, nutrients, carbon, and succession—which helps pave the way for a healthier planet.

Farm Tours offered at Farm Two53

a glimpse of farm life

​Dive into the vibrant life of our small farm at Farm Two53, where regenerative practices are at the heart of everything we do. Our furry and feathered friends—cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys—graze and roam the land, each playing a vital role in our little ecosystem. We keep things in harmony with daily rotational grazing and homemade chicken tractors for our broilers, all guided by the principles of permaculture, where all things work together in synergy. Healthy soil means healthy food, so we craft our own compost for our 1-acre food forest, gardens, and passive solar geothermal greenhouse. We're big fans of preserving our homegrown and foraged goodies too, using classic homesteading ways to ensure each harvest is enjoyed year-round. We hope to one day produce an over-abundance, where we can share our bounty with our awesome community.

our 1950s farmhouse

Mid-Century Design at Farm Two53

We wear a lot of hats out here on the farm!  When we’re not digging in the soil, we’re busy restoring our mid-century modern farmhouse back to her former glory.  If an old hunting lodge had a baby with a Wes Anderson movie’s interior, you’d find the unique vibe of our farmhouse.  Whether for creating content or a special event, film, photo shoot or music video, we have a one-of-a-kind space.  Check it out!

Film and Photography Rentals

the farm prop library

antiques and vintage

Step into our prop library, a treasure trove of vintage and antique goodies ready to add a touch of magic to your creative endeavors. With over 30 years of collecting under our belt, we've curated a delightful assortment of cool wears and wares, just waiting to inspire your inner artist. Explore our Film + Photography page for more info! 

a bit of the farm history...

After a deep dive into old library books and a stack of files at the county office,

we found some history about our farm.  Here’s what we learned:

1901 – Robert Turner (one of the brothers of which town Turner Valley was named) was purchasing property north of the Sheep River.  He acquired a full section and built his “luxurious and substantial” sandstone house in 1908 (sadly since torn down but was located 2 miles from our house).  It was known as the Turner Place or Clydesdale Ranch, and “their parties were notable, decorous occasions.” – Foothills Echoes (book)

February 1951 – Sisters Enid and Iva Knoepfli (Boulton) purchased 524.6 acres from Robert Turner for $24,685.  These are the daughters of talented Swiss builder, Jacob Knoepfli, who was credited for constructing over 300 houses/apartments during Calgary’s first building boom in the 1920s.  He built the historic York Hotel in downtown Calgary and owned the St. Regis Hotel; Enid, Iva, and their brother were responsible for the day-to-day operations at the York.  Once acquiring the former Turner property, they moved into the run-down stone house and began construction of the mid-century modern home.  Apparently, they also loved to entertain and were the hosts of many parties over the years…especially pool parties.  Over the years, the small mixed farm operated as a feedlot and was the loving home of the Boulton/Knoepfli family. 

2000 – Subdivision occurred on the 524.6 acres and the Lungal family purchased 80 acres with the original MCM house and outbuildings.  They called their new home LC Ranch (Lungal Cattle).  Thankfully their plans to demolish the old home didn’t come to fruition.   


June 2019 – The Lungal family graciously opened their farm gates for us to view their home after we saw a Ritchie Brothers ‘For Sale’ sign on their property's corner.  They kindly answered all our crazy questions, even, “But is the old place haunted?”  Yep, we’d heard rumours.  All false, of course.  Travis studied YouTube videos on how to win a real estate auction and we were ultimately the winning bidders at live auction.  And you guessed it, our winning bid number – 2 5 3.

Mid-Century Modern Farmhouse Construction
Mid-Century Modern Farmhouse Construction
Mid-Century Modern Farmhouse Construction

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We are an active farm and short-term rental so to keep things running smoothly, please contact us with any questions you have regarding your commercial photos/videos or event requests.

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